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"She thought it over, but couldn’t see any immediate loopholes other than the threat of her inner slut emerging, and she could darned well control that little bitch."— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Slight The Mummy and Indiana Jones feel

Grim Shadows - Jenn Bennett


Rage and hurt called the Mori, who rose up  from the floor. Dark limbs, blinking eyes, grotesque features. Monsters, fueled by her pain. Dead things pulled from the Spirit World. Things she didn't understand and could barely control, but they coalesced into a writhing mass of gloom and shifting shadow, crawling up the marble walls and columns. Sniffing out opportunity as they tugged images from her mind. Command us, they whispered inside her head. Dark avengers, read and willing to do her bidding. To avenge her through abhorrent deeds. Through fright. Injury. And death.


Reading this for the Ghost square for Halloween Bingo, put in a mindset for a more spooky feel, which was probably a bit unfair. The supernatural/paranormal aspect of the Mori spirits that haunted our heroine took too much of a backseat. They come out to play, blast some windows out and try to murder people with chandeliers but they still stayed too much to the background. We don't get the full explanation for them until towards the later half of the book and for having such a huge impact on our heroine's life, they weren't really addressed with any solid conclusion. 


The separate storyline of ancient Egyptian curses, puzzles, and hunting enemies was incredible fun and entertaining but again, I wanted it to be more flushed out; I didn't feel like we really got to know the villain and all his dark deviousness. I wanted this book to be 500pgs, lol. 


The romance was fun, too. The couple's first sex scene felt deep and was hot. However, with everything happening with the supernatural storyline, the couple's relationship took a bit of hit. Both our characters had rich background stories and secondary characters that were full in their own right and only added to the depth of our main couple. The author put in the details for a rich story but it lacked the page count for deep life. 


There were some spooky moments and sexy times, I'll definitely be reading about the hero's younger sister and their servant/bodyguard in the next book.


"Well, together we might get somewhere, because if you can brew us up some tea and make toast, I'll fry us up some eggs." He glanced down at the purring ball of fur nosing his way into their conversation. "Eggs for three, I suppose. Or maybe we should feed him the deviled ham and see if it'll turn him in to Number Five."

"Big talk. At the rate you two are going you'll be kicking me out of the covers and cuddling up with him instead."

"Not on your life." He grazed a barely there finger down her hip as she passed, sending a tiny shiver racing below the silk of her robe. "I like your claws better."