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Dark Prince - Eve Silver


Jane Heatherington studied the horizon, dread gnawing at her with small, sharp bites. The sky was a leaden mass of churning gray clouds that hung low on the water, and the ocean pummeled the shore with a strength that heralded the furor of the coming storm. Breathing in the tangy salt scent of the sea, Jane clenched her fists, making the edges of the delicate pink shell in her hand dig into the skin of her palm, grounding her as she struggled to hold her misery at bay.


We've got a heroine walking on rocky cliffs on a windy, dark, and gloomy day, a dark mysterious stranger, and murder mysteries. The first couple chapters felt like the author went through a Gothic list and was crossing them off as a lot of dark and gloomy elements were relayed. 


The story is told from the heroine's pov and this helps to keep the hero dark and mysterious but even before the half way mark he is pretty much revealed to basically be fairly benign. The hero and heroine had good chemistry, if their love felt a little rushed. 


The second half and whole revenge story felt somewhat cobbled together and I'm not sure I felt the emotional pull from it. The description of weather and the hero wearing a dark capped coat seemed to be the biggest Gothic themes and therefore, I was a bit let down with the Gothic feel.