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Loved the setting

Dream Island - Josie Litton

They stood in the silence that descended, looking at one another. Alex saw a woman of courage and honor who stirred his blood even as she won his admiration. Were he to have no concern beyond his own wishes, he would not hesitate to claim the right to both possess and protect her. For her part, Joanna saw a man who seemed to have stepped directly from a legend into her dreams. Were the world a different place, it would have been so easy to forget all else and yield to the soul-deep hunger he ignited within her.


I was a big fan of the heroine Joanna but the setting won my attention for best "character". This is set in Regency times but the author creates a fictional island and people called Akora (maybe Atlantis survivors?) and delivers big time on the descriptions. I was lost into the world the author created with such lush and detailed descriptions of the islands and their culture. 


The clash of cultures between Joanna and Alex provided for some fun back and forth but what made it really fantastic was how they both respected each other, even when Alex was stating that Joanna needed to be subservient, he was admiring her strength providing a look into his true character. 


There is a slight other worldly feel, the island atmosphere but also the "gifts" that Joanna and Alex's sister possess. I thought the traitor storyline could have been flushed out more and the beginning had a bit of a slow start but I think I'm too used to newer releases jumping right in instead of setting the atmosphere, which this one did. 


If you're looking for something set in the 1800s but widely different, a magical feel, and two leads who challenge each, you'll want to hunt for this one. I'll definitely be continuing on in the series to see Joanna's brother and perhaps Alex's sister join in on the HEA.