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Seattle Recommendations?

My baseball trip this year is taking us to Seattle. I've never been to this city and so I was wondering if any BLs friends can comment in again about things to do and places to eat. As usual, my nights will be taken up by the baseball games but afternoons are free.


Restaurant recs

The bf loves bbq foods but I'm pumped for the seafood, can't wait for the freshness! We were deciding between Texas and Seattle and I'm so happy we went with Seattle because of the seafood. Not looking for anything particular fancy, just really good food. Any dessert places would be lovely too :)  I still think about the cannoli I had in NY last year. 


Things to do recs

I'm a pretty big museum and historical person, so anything along those lines. I'm not well versed at all in what Seattle has for historical markers (I know about the Space Needle, lol). I did a quick glance at stuff to do there and was wondering if anyone has been to these places and think they are worth visiting? 


Coast Guard museum

Underground tour

Klondike museum

Waterfall Garden

Gas Works park

Japanese garden


Chihuly garden and glass


Really curious about the Coast Guard museum, Japanese Garden, and Chihuly Garden and Glass.


Oh, and any dive or rock bar suggestions would be awesome as we love doing that after the games.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated! You all came through with some great ones for Chicago and New York City :)