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Continuing from previous series

The Hellion - Christi Caldwell

He glanced up from his task, and that slight movement sent a dark lock tumbling over his brow, lending him a boyish look. “Cleopatra Killoran, I’d wager there isn’t a thing you don’t know how to do.”

And just like that, Cleopatra fell in love. Hopelessly, helplessly, she lost her heart to Adair .


I know this is listed as #1 in the Wicked Wallflowers series, but it did not read that way for me. Adair's brothers are married, there is a lot of talk about the villain that they finally vanquished, and the deal Adair's family made with Cleopatra's brother happened in a previous book. I was kind of lost as to who was who and what had happened, I also was missing caring about a lot of people. 


The second half was better than the first for me, everyone gets kind of cleared out so the focus can be on Adair and Cleo. Cleo annoyed the heck out of me with all her running, her go to move when she gets overwhelmed is just to take off and she definitely does it. Adair was a little blah, I've read his character many many many many times. They seemed nice together but didn't trip any triggers for me. 


I did like the author's writing and flow, I think not having read the previous series really hurt me here; I'll probably put them on the tbr. 


Adair dropped his brow to hers. “Marry me."


We did get this moment, I always enjoy a lovely brow to brow moment :)