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Veil of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian

I think the author is starting to run out of ideas about what powers to give her breedmates; Renata's power is a pulse of power she can send out which debilitates vampires but also drains her of energy. Strange. If I was Renata I would feel like I got the shaft in the old power's department.
Renata seems whiny to me (so you have a Gen One vampire abusing you? Yeah well I had to do five loads of laundry today, move it along) never connected with her or liked her. The only thing I got from Nikolai was that he has piercing blue eyes and likes guns.
Ugh! The author builds up her villains, makes them hella' intriguing bad asses, and then just kills them off way too quickly, such let downs!
Like the new added storyline of Gen Ones who are assassins and the character named Hunter (Gen One assassin) who Mira (breedmate who Renate watches over) saves, I'm thinking there will be a book in their future.
Nothing interesting here really, well I guess I do find myself interested in the character Hunter and what looks like new storylines for the series. Way too much like the previous books in the series except the two main characters weren't as engaging as the previous ones have been.