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Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase

Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase

Rarely do I ever have the problem of coming up with something to say about a book. I can usually find some wonderful or horrible things to comment on. There was simply nothing for me to comment on in this book; I just could not get into the story! Benedict and Bathsheba go from Inn to Inn chasing after Peregrine and Olivia while trying to keep from being drawn to each other and anyone finding out who Benedict is.


There were some witty lines thrown in during conversations between Benedict and Bathsheba but that is the only aspect of this story I can think of to recommend. I never felt this couple connecting, even though I read over and over how they were drawn to each other; no chemistry there in my opinion.


The middle bulk of the book was so "eh" for me it was dangerously close to being boring. This story was not only missing something for me it was missing a whole lot of somethings. Benedict and Bathsheba never did it for me. I would have much rather read about Peregrine and Olivia, two kids! I demand that Loretta Chase write their story, I Need to read it! Olivia and Peregrine have the chemistry I thought Benedict and Bathsheba lacked. The ending of the story with the treasure was an unexpected twist and captured my attention again.


Meeting the characters of Peregrine and Olivia and the ending of this book saved it from being a total failure and falling into the echelon of books where a week later I couldn't tell a thing about what happened in the story.


I really wish there was more I could say about this book but there just isn't. Sadly wanting Peregrine and Olivia to get their own story is the only thing I took away from this book.