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To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt

To Taste Temptation - Elizabeth Hoyt

Why is it that when someone is rich it's always "as rich as Croesus"? Shameful how Midas is ignored I tell you. Excuse me just 10 pages later Samuel is richer than King Midas.


Only on the third or so page and Emeline shows such promise by these two lines "She suppressed a shiver. Intelligent men were so hard to manage." hahaha!


Emeline struck me as very cold at first, but just average English lady mannerisms? I think Emeline is too accurate of a portrayal of an English woman for me. She is so reserved! There are little wants and desire that eek out in Samuel's presence I just need more of them to surface to connect with Emeline.


Oh God love when Rebecca (Samuel's sister) asks the footman if her dress is cut too low and blurts out "the maid doesn't mind her boobies hanging out.." So funny. Definitely feel like there is something up with that footman hmmm.


After Samuel confronts Jasper (the man he thinks is responsible for the attack on their regiment) at a ball and then goes back to Emeline's home they have an argument in the sitting room. Here is where I finally felt the heat between this couple. Or maybe it was simply completion of all the stand-offish meetings with wanting communicated just between the eyes. Whatever it was these two characters finally popped for me.


Liked how Emeline complains that Samuel not conforming to English customs is all to annoy her. Also quite enjoyed Emeline's friend Melisande, had the most wonderful dry sense of humor. (Melisande is the star of the next book)


Heartbreaking storyline of soldiers and how they deal with the aftermath of war. The author did a commendable job of showing how each one handles it differently but still all the same with too much seen eyes that are haunted.


Wowza Emeline and Samuel's first sex scene was hot! I think the author tried to set it up with them being cold and arguing with each other, which I got, but I didn't feel it was quite the incredible "moment" it could have been or I have read before. You know how sometimes when you read a sex scene between the characters and you're like "Finally!"? Samuel and Emeline arguing, being a little rough with each other, definitely added some spice to it and the um, cough/blush, descriptive words brought heat to the scene. Samuel and Emeline's sex scene was so passionate I just wish their relationship would have felt the same to me, so close but just lacking, maybe in interaction they don’t seem to be the star of the show but rather Samuel's search for who betrayed him and his regiment during the French and Indian War. Which by the way not to be to picky, but wouldn't the English have called it the Seven Year's War? American's called it the French and Indian War so Samuel saying it makes sense but all the English people saying does not. (My history background rearing its ugly head)

The author used some words and descriptions that I'd call on the risqué side or maybe I'm just not used to this kind of talk in regency stories? This book is definitely not for people who shy away from or can't handle some naughty talk. (icky these two sentences sound kind of prudish)


Samuel and Emeline really love to hate each other. She could slap him, he could roughly grip her arm, and then bam they are going at it like mad little bunnies. Great sexual friction/chemistry between these two. Would have been an A book if with that same sexual friction/chemistry there was great cognitive interaction.


The author started each chapter with a snippet from a legend called "Iron Heart". I was surprised how much I liked this technique and how much it added to the story and the development of Samuel's character. I almost wanted to read ahead to finish this story within the story.


The ending was a tad anti-climatic. They caught the traitor, they didn't catch the traitor? All I know is that Ms. Hoyt better continue the storyline of Rebecca and O'Hare or I will be pissed! (I still think something funny is up with that footman. He seemed to have more of an accent when he talked with Rebecca. When he was with Samuel and Vale searching for Rebecca and Emeline he spoke in proper English. Maybe it was an author mistake and I am just driving myself crazy with theories) ****(Spoiler)**** (Turns out I was wrong SHOCKING! I have actually read this whole series, preparing for the Olympics so I can watch the men's hockey and not get behind on reading/updating my blog which I've been doing lately. Anyway, O'Hare is alas just a footman and we the poor readers hear nothing about them until the last book in the series and it is only for like 5 sentences. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)


I would probably describe this story as first a drama and then romance. There are a lot of intangibles in this story which I highly enjoyed. I liked it because it was original but Emeline was a little too cold for me (hush to the people who say this is a more historically accurate portrayal of an English woman during the time period) and Samuel never struck a cord with me. I quite honestly liked Rebecca and O'Hare better and could have read more about them. If you're looking for some scorching booty scenes though this book has that just start reading about 100 pages from the end ;)