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Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

Crazy Cool - Tara Janzen

Once again great writing strategy to set the tone for the book with the prologue being a set of military orders to General Grant. Is it just me or does this kind of have a Charlie's Angels feel to it? The General Grant who we don't meet and then the men who go out and complete his orders.


Ooh be still my heart a Dodge Charger, damn. Christian Hawkins gets major brownie points for driving this car around.


Not to be to girly here but I loved the line about Christian having a "whole section of his brain with her name on it", it just made me feel mushy. I like how Janzen has the men pining over the women (in some cases over years) such a nice change!


Alright I'm glad I didn't cheat and go straight to book 4 to read Kid and Nikki's story. It looks like Janzen is going to tease us with bits and pieces throughout the previous books until we get to their story. So don't cheat people.


I have to admit that the cars almost steal the show for me in these books, I can't help it every time Janzen describes a car that rumbles I get all tingly.


There is some comedic relief in this book, along with the one-liners Janzen is great at writing she has Christian calling Katya "bad luck" and "Godzilla in Tokyo".
Ok Christian must love her because he is allowing her to eat and drink in his Dodge Charger! I don't let people do that in my Pontiac Sunfire.


I feel like a broken record but Kid and Nikki again so amazing, the scene where Kid crumbles with Nikki after losing his brother almost had me teary eyed.


I guess I either didn't connect well with Christian and Katya or they were not a strong enough couple to carry the story and distance themselves from the other couples Janzen has rockin in this book. This was a decent (just decent) book but only when placed in the context of the series. Christian and Katya were ok but Kid and Nikki definitely overshadowed them when it wasn't even their story.