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The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas

The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas

I have never read a book by Sherry Thomas before.  You can now bet your sweet patooties I will be snatching up as many of her books I can find.


You want a smart, realistic, and willing to sacrifice for her family but NOT martyr herself heroine? 



You want a closed off, hidden, Ideal Gentleman, with a delicious sense of humor hero?



You want a non-forced storyline of two people navigating personal issues involving trust, love, and learning to reveal and grow together?



From the banter that was intelligent, engaging, push/pull, and sexual (Oh my dearies, the sexual banter;) to the emotional strife of fear and of revealing love and oneself, Felix and Louisa never failed to make me smile, heat me up, and produce watery eyes.  

The one disappointment was the very abrupt ending.  I could have read epilogue after epilogue about this couple.


A very delightful historical.


(Elicited the same feelings I had while reading Connie Brockway's "The Bridal Favor".  I did find Brockway's to have more emotional punch and storyline however, and rated it 5stars)