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Willing Sacrifice - Shannon K. Butcher

Other books in this series I have complained about how there was too much story and not enough focus on the romantic relationship/aspect and now I'm going to say this book had too much romantic relationship/aspect. 




I missed the fast paced story over here!, story over there!, this series has been delivering.  I guess this one could be looked at as a nice slow down and catch your bearings addition. 


Anyway, Grace and Torr get their highly anticipated time together (lots of time together) on the planet Brenya whisked Grace and Tori off to.  Grace doesn't remember Torr, due to consequences of her accepting the disks she placed on her and Torr's back to heal him, and Torr is forbidden by Brenya to tell Grace anything about their past. 


This leads to a buddy adventure of Grace and Torr trekking around the planet fighting beasts, looking for crystals to protect the women on the planet, longing looks from Torr, and battling desires.  Like I said, there isn't any real addition to the overall story arc, just some down home lovin' happening.  


I missed Dabyr :( This book was good and soothing but had a dash of boring to it.  I'm looking forward to the next installment (ugh will probably be a year away, CRUEL) and having things ramp up again. 


I'm all a tingle wondering if it will be Sanguinar, Slayer (paired with Joseph ;), or Nicholas/Tori next. 


*If you couldn't tell by my review, you must read the other books in the series to have any earthly or Theroni idea what is going on.