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The Suffragette Scandal (The Brothers Sinister Book 4) - Courtney Milan

3.75 stars


I bought this book, so I don't "have" to write a review for it and thank goodness because there is no way I could. Here is the bare bones assessment: Edward the hero was amazing, he only wanted to enhance and increase Free's flame. Loved him, loved their relationship. Free is who you want to be. Her character was strong, fierce, and vulnerable; all that is woman. It slowed for me at parts as I thought certain scenes dragged for a while and it felt like the story could have ended three or so times.

This story was so much more than romance to me. With the issues affecting the women of the world today (really hitting home ones, being I live in the U.S., Hobby Lobby and abortion) I internalized so much of Free. Ultimately, this is what this book was all about to me,

“I started listening to what I said to her. When she was three, I told her that she couldn’t contradict the boy next door, even when she’s right, because it’s indelicate for a lady to disagree with a gentleman. I told her that she mustn’t run, because ladies never hurry. Every day, from the moment she took her first step, I’ve told her to stop: to stop thinking, to stop speaking, to stop moving about. And I didn’t know why I said any of it. Those words kept coming out of my mouth, passing through me.”
Amanda reached over and gripped her sister’s hand.
“I think that’s when I understood that you only ruined my life because my life needed ruining. Because the life you rejected demanded that I spend all my time telling my daughter to be less and my son to be more.”

This, a million times, this. Let's free our daughters.

When I read the last page I cried for my grandmother, mother, and all my women ancestors for who they never got to be, for who they repressed, and for all they have given me.

Vote ladies.
And excuse me while I go wrap myself up in my Notorious R.B.G. shirt.