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The Traitor - Grace Burrowes Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres By Shana Galen Love and Let Spy (Lord and Lady Spy) - Shana Galen A Good Debutante's Guide to Ruin: The Debutante Files - Sophie Jordan One Night of Sin (An After Hours Novella) - Elle Kennedy Guarded - Mary Behre Prelude for a Lord - Camille Elliot Eye Candy - Tera Lynn Childs Unbroken - Maisey Yates Lay It Down - Cara McKenna

when I put up the list of books I was suppose to read in two weeks? Apparently, I was full of delusion because a month later, I just finished the last book on the list.  (Elaine Levine's Twisted Mercy missed it's publishing date and is not out yet)  I'm around 35 books behind in my reading schedule. UGH.  Anyway here is the new list of what is coming down the tail pipe for reviews and ratings.



I don't like to go over having 10 ARCs at a time, so I'm in the process of whittling them back down before I request again.  Here is what is on tap,


Anyway, this is more or less what my September looks like, there will be more books coming out that I know will tempt me.  My ARC schedule is set but if there is a book on the list you're on the fence about and want some thoughts on it let me know and I can move it up the list :) 

The ultimate goal is to catch back up but the simple goal is not to fall anymore behind :/