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The Romancies: Part 7 - Best Contemporary, Best Historical, and Best of 2015

Here we are, the end of the year. How fast it came up! I didn't have as many 5 star books as I did last year but I felt like overall I had higher rated books, it took me some time to whittle down my faves to just 10 in each category. I have enjoyed chatting, sharing love, and disappointments about books with everyone; you all make my reading experience so much richer. I can't wait to do it all again in 2016 :)


The following are the top ten contemporary and historical books I had the privilege of reading this year. (in no particular order)


*clicking on covers brings you to my review of the book or if I didn't write one their Goodreads page



Best Contemporary















An Obsession of Vengeance by Nancy Haviland


This is how my review started:  "You know how people say they "Dropped the mic"? That sentiment and action is how I visualize the author dropping off this manuscript on her editor's desk; this book is on point. From the characters, to their relationships, and to the world building (oh my readers, the world building!), I was engrossed into this story."

I am so excited to see where this series leads to and all the characters getting their own stories. If this was a tv series on Netflix I would binge myself to death. This book was a thrill ride and even though Carolyn Crane's book was a close second, I have to give the nod to Vengeance.



2014 Winner




Best Historical
















A Scandal to Remember by Elizabeth Essex


I originally rated this 4.5 stars but I did read in January, I think I subconsciously rate a tad lower in the beginning of the year. I usually rate and review with 24hrs of reading a book and I don't go back and change the rating. If I did such a thing, I would change this rating to 5 stars. I've re-read it and the more I think I about it, I really liked this book, the story and characters have stuck with me. I really warred with myself between this and The Highwayman but the heroine and hero from A Scandal to Remember just won't leave me alone, I loved them and the smile they brought to my face. 




2014 Winner and best of 2014


2014 Best Contemporary/Historicals



Best Book of 2015




For the responsibility Dance takes on and how he gives Jane due respect, how he is weighed down with responsibility but still lighthearted and for Jane's shyness, awkwardness, but ability to snap her spine straight, I adored this book.




Did we share some favorites or are you appalled I could leave out a certain book? Let me know your favorites :)


Have a happy and safe New Years!