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New Year!

I was a hungover bump on the couch yesterday, I feel somewhat human today, so I missed a lot of the well wishes. Here's mine, Happy New Year! BLs gets temperamental so I can only go back so far but just know, I've "liked" all your posts :)


With a final close to 2015 a quick recap of my Romancies Awards:

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Best Cover                Favorite Secondary Character     Best Scene



Favorite Quote        Best Heroine and Hero   



Best Couple            Best Contemporary, Best Historical, and Best 2015




Now on to 2016 and my top ten anticipated reads so far:

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This was supposed to come out this November, now the date says June 28th. How can you play with my emotions this way, authors?!?


 I think I've been "anticipating" this book for three years now. Again, how can you play with my emotions this way, authors?!?


 As if I couldn't anticipate this book enough, they went and made the cover a purple dream.


 This author does history right, something I've had a problem finding lately, and there is a highwayman in it. Win!


Fathomless by Joanna Wylde (no cover yet click on title for book page).  After the epilogue in Silver Bastard highlighted the hero of this book and his friend, I'm salivating for this book.


 I've never read anything by this author but this has two stories, one staring a captain and one a kidnapping. I'm hoping to find a new author with a new backlist to attack.


 I'm grossly behind in this series but I hope this anti-hero has a St. Vincent and Devil in Winter-esque feel.


Untitled Spymasters #6 by Joanna Bourne (no cover yet click on title for book page). Her stories and characters are always deep and involved, I know they'll always be at least interesting. 


 After the first book left us readers with a cliffhanger regarding this books star couple, I'm dying to read it and get caught up all over again with the McKay family drama.


 Please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, etc. 



What books are you dying to get your hands on in the coming year?

May you all have a book blessed year :)